Happiness, Adventure, is lady-féerence!

Catamaran cruises sailing departing from Saint Gilles les Bains, every day of the year.

Located in the seaside resort of St Gilles les Bains, come and escape for a few hours on the blazing red catamaran. Dolphins, marine green turtles may be the humpback whale from mid-July to September will be accompany you during this magical time.

Our experienced sailors, helpful and dynamic, welcomes you with a large choice of cruises according to what you feel like doing from 8:30 a.m to 1 p.m or from 2 p.m to 6:30 p.m


Rates & Booking

Several options proposed

individual formula
  • Day-Light
    60 Half day
    • Price per person
    • In the morning or afternoon
    • Starting at 8:30am or 02:00pm
    • 4:30 output
    • Discover the marine life
  • To lay down soleil
    40 Night out week-end
    • Price per person
    • Every night
    • Starting at 03:30pm
    • 3:00 output
    • Sunset
  • Astro
    40 Saturday evening
    • Price per person
    • On Saturday night
    • Starting at 19:00
    • 2:30 output
    • Astronomy
Boat rental
  • Half Day
    720 Half day
    • Boat rental and crew
    • The morning or afternoon
    • Starting at 8:30am or 02:00pm
    • 4:30 output
    • 18 people maxi

Onboard activities

For the half day cruises, Lady la Fée offers you the breakfast departing from St Giles. During the cruise, softs drinks and cocktail will be offered.

Research and observation of cetaceans, bottlenose dolphins and long-beak, the humpback whale can also be part of the mid-July to September and marine green turtle sometimes accompanies the ship near the nature reserve.

Dragnet fishing, idleness on the trampoline and the sun top, tasting a fresh pineapple…





la lady vue du cielLady la Féeslide-lady-la-fee_19-1



Can we swim ?

A prefect order forbidden the swimming and bathing in a perimeter of 300m of the coast.

At what time we drink the aperitif?

It will be offered on the way back.


The Catamaran Lady la Fée is located in the seaside resort of St Gilles les Bains, port “La Marina”.

You can contact us to 06 92 69 12 99 or writing us below.


Envoyer un émail au capitaine.

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